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The 3rd International Logistics Industry President Could Summit concluded Successfully Sept. 28, 20

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On September 28, 2022 (China time), the third  International Logistics Industry President Could Summit was successfully concluded by GLA Global Logistics Alliance.
This symposium speakers came from the Middle East, East Asia, Oceania, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe. At the same time, by using the form of Zoom conference and Youtube and Tencent Video rebroadcast, this cloud event of international logistics industry president up to 2,900 logistics personnel participated in the whole process.

The theme of this summit is "the Logistics Industry in Post Pandemic era .We are honored to invite Mr. lv Zhong, Executive Vice President, from China Technical Committee of Internet of Things of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing as our special guest, who discussed and shared with outstanding presidents from 51 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Nica, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia , Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Senegal, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Austria, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus.

In her welcome opening speech, Mrs Grace Sun, president of GLA, expressed her warm welcome to guests and participants from all over the world.She thanked global partners support and their effort to the development of the international logistics industry. She said the logistics industry is closely related to the global situation. Although some countries have reopened, some countries have not reopened yet due to the pandemic. But Logistic business is network business. Global Logistics ,global connection,global reputation, global sharing,gloabl co-operation.
Together we will be stronger.
GLA Global Logistics Alliance focuses on global cooperation, leading the development of the industry to create a better future, and helping logistics companies to win international reputation in the market. That's why we invite outstanding logistics company presidents worldwide to share their views here.
About GLA Family

GLA Global Logistics Alliance is committed to helping different country international logistics enterprises in the world to develop cooperatively, empower each other, and strive to build a global reputed, collaborative and shared international supply chain system.
Guest Speakers

VIP Speaker:Mr. Lv Zhong丨Executive Vice President |  China Technical Committee of Internet of Things of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing
Sharing theme丨China's requirements for improving the quality and efficiency of imports and exports at ports under the pandemic
Core point of view丨On September 26, China's Ministry of Commerce other 6 units issued a notice on the "Reference on Standard Operating Procedures for foreign trade import goods at ports by Sea/Air/Rail", which aims to assist sea, air, and railway transportation and reduce the burden of foreign trade.

Eng. Sultan Al-Jeaid丨Director-Freight Forwarding | SEERA Group Holding——Saudi Arabia
Sharing theme丨Changes in the pandemic and self-growth
Core point of view丨Even though the daily increase in cases is still fluctuating, most residents have now been vaccinated. As one of the largest and most experienced forwarders in Saudi Arabia, we specialize in optimizing various freight and logistics solutions to satisfy our clients. Despite working from home, we can quickly provide global shipping solutions and provide various warehousing solutions.

Michelle Hunt丨General Manager | Airland Logistics——Australia
Sharing theme丨The impact of the pandemic on Australia, and the response measures in the post-epidemic era
Core point of view丨During the pandemic, we were also affected by the skyrocketing freight rates, and air freight was once restricted in Australia. At the same time, delays in air routes and inland transportation also had a considerable impact on us. While some ports are still congested by soaring surcharges and quarantines, the impact of the pandemic on Perth is now less severe than before. Now the pressure on the global supply chain has shifted from the pandemic to skyrocketing oil prices, shortages of raw materials and declining manufacturing productivity. In the post-pandemic era, suppliers will change their supply models to keep a certain amount of inventory and reduce their reliance on Chinese factories.

SALIH ZAKARIA丨General Manager | Ocean Bridge Logistics Morocco——Morocco
Sharing theme丨The impact of the three-year pandemic on Morocco, the comparison between the post-epidemic era and the pre-epidemic era
Core point of view丨The pandemic has changed our business model, such as providing customers with high-quality logistics solutions through digital services. For Morocco, the impact of the pandemic will diminish in the future, and now our business is much better than before. As a major importing continent, Africa has had new changes in its market model, but it also means new hope. Now with lower freight rates and weaker demand, we could see some small businesses come back into the market, which will keep the market stable.

Ricardo van Duijkeren丨President | Ster-Logistics.nl——the Netherlands
Sharing theme丨How to deal with the impact of the pandemic, the current situation and future of the Netherlands
Core point of view丨The pandemic still has a certain impact on enterprises, but there is government support and assistance, such as export tax rebates and subsidies for companies, and approval to delay tax payments. The pandemic in the Netherlands is not completely over now, but most residents are vaccinated. Compared to the pre-pandemic, trust between people is lower today, and the Russian-Ukrainian war has exacerbated the food and energy crisis. Although freight rates for sea and air freight have plummeted recently, it will be difficult to return to pre-pandemic levels in the short term. In addition, imports and exports have fallen by an average of 5% or more each month since July. For the future, we hope that the origin of production points can be more dispersed to different countries, due to the pandemic and global political restrictions.
Tony Sun丨GM | Qingdao South East Shipping Agency Co., Ltd——China
Sharing theme丨How the COVID-19 pandemic changed us
Core point of view丨During the pandemic, we made four changes: the way we communicate, how we work, how we manage and how we respond. Although the pandemic prevented us from going abroad to visit customers, we replaced face-to-face communication with online communication. At the same time, we have realized the cloud office, which not only breaks through the original thinking mode, but also improves our work efficiency. In the post-pandemic era, crises and opportunities still coexist. We should bring new opportunities with new ideas, instead of sticking to the rules, we need to respond more flexibly to deal with crises and manage emergencies.
Dolly Hsu丨Overseas Manager | PT. HYPER MEGA SHIPPING——Indonesia
Sharing theme丨The impact of the pandemic on Indonesian logistics, and new challenges in the post-epidemic era
Core point of view丨The pandemic has brought five major impacts on Indonesia's logistics, including: logistics cost fluctuation, transport time prolonged, forecast became more difficult, stress on production time with higher uncertainties, and more factories relocate to Indonesia. Therefore, we believe the pandemic has advantages and disadvantages. Although some countries' anti-pandemic measures still affect Indonesia's imports and exports, Indonesia has now reopened its borders and trade has returned to normal. Indonesia in the post-pandemic era is like other countries, most of the pressure still comes from the global supply chain crisis, such as the weakening of the global economy, supply and demand imbalances, and container shortages.
Gilbert Lam丨HK Office General Manager | RS Logistics Limited——HK China
Sharing theme丨Hong Kong's status and new policies under the epidemic, the impact of China's zero-Covid policy
Core point of view丨Hong Kong's daily increase in cases is still high, and China's zero-Covid policy has affected some local transportation (such as cross-border trucks). The pandemic has changed the pattern of cashflow & account receivable management, resulting in container shortages, unreasonable surcharges, and increased work-from-home hours. For Hong Kong, the impact of most countries has diminished since they reopened, but China's zero-Covid policy is still the main pressure on Hong Kong's supply chain. Fortunately, not long ago, Hong Kong announced the new policy of "0+3", which means travelers headed to Hong Kong no longer need to quarantine in a hotel upon arrival.  I believe Hong Kong will become better. I look forward to more cooperation with GLA members next year.
The 3rd International Logistics Industry President Could Summit once again realized the sharing of international logistics resources and information. At the meeting, each outstanding president shared from multiple perspectives and aspects, and discussed both challenges & opportunities of the international logistics industry in the post-epidemic era. It has fully strengthened the research and discussion of the industry, and gained more win-win solutions with GLA members.
In the end, the summit concluded successfully. Let us look forward to the next President Cloud Summit!
In addition, the 8th GLA Global Logistics Conference (offline) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from March 9-11, 2023, which will attract more than 1,000 logistics entrepreneurs from more than 80 countries around the world. You are welcome to participate.